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Funeral Directors

Assisting families with all aspects of funerals for over 3 decades.

Funeral Directors

Burke’s Funeral Directors is a Leitrim funeral director, based in Rose, Bank, Attiory, Carrick-on-Shannon.
For over three decades we have been assisting families with funeral arrangements.
We are a family run business that makes every effort possible to assist a family in fulfilling the funeral wishes of the deceased. We have extensive experience in organising and overseeing all aspects of religious and non-religious funerals.

Burke’s Funeral Directors have firmly established ourselves as an integral part of the Leitrim community and surrounding counties. 
Our sensitive, professional and respectful service oversees all aspects of a funeral, allowing the family to concentrate on their grief.

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Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is the role of a funeral director?

    A funeral director oversees and organises every aspect of a funeral.

    Depending on the specifics of the funeral, the funeral director may organise the burial plot, organise the cremation with the crematorium, organise transportation for the deceased and in some cases, transportation for the mourners.

    They will liaison with churches, florists and organise the death notices. A funeral director will also organise all necessary documentation before, during and after the funeral.

  • What type of funeral service should we have?

    If you decide to have a traditional church service for the deceased we can organise everything from the removal to the burial and cremation.

    We also have extensive experience with non-religious funerals and can organise and liaison with humanist celebrants and crematoriums on behalf of the family.

    Our expert funeral director will spend some time with the family and explain their options. 

  • How Much does a funeral cost?

    The cost of a funeral is up to the family.

    At Burke's Funeral Directors we believe it is our responsibility to advise the family on how to be as financially responsible as possible.