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Funeral Services

To discuss our range of funeral services with our professional funeral directors, please get in contact with Burke’s Funeral Directors today.

Funeral Services

From our base in Rose Bank, Attirory, Carrick-on-Shannon, Burke’s Funeral Directors have been offering the highest standard of funeral services for over 3 decades.
Our fully family-run funeral director service takes pride in being able to offer funeral services that honour the wishes of the deceased.

We assist from the start of the funeral to the end, ensuring that all aspects of the funeral are organised to our high standards.
By lifting the burden of the funeral organisation from the shoulders of the family, we give families the time to grieve for their loved one. 

For additional information on any of our funeral services, get in contact with our Leitrim offices today.

Burke’s Funeral Directors’s Funeral Services

Below are a few of the standard aspects of a funeral that Burke’s Funeral Directors organise and oversee.


We can arrange removals from the deceased's home, hospitals, hospices and nursing homes. Our modern fleet of Mercedes hearses are available all counties. 

Initial paperwork

Burke’s Funeral Directors we can assist with advice on death registrations and the medical permissions from hospitals. We can also oversee and advise on any other paperwork that may need to be completed before or after the funeral.

Death Notices

We provide a full death notice service that informs all relevant local media organisations and online outlets (RIP.ie). We can place these notices and can also assist with the wording.


From our coffin showroom, Burke’s Funeral Directors offers a full range of coffins including oak coffins, wicker coffins and environmentally friendly coffins.

Home Wakes

Home wakes remain the most popular way for a family and a community to say goodbye to a loved one. Burke’s Funeral Directors assist with the organisation of a home wake on behalf of grieving families.

Humanist Funerals / Civil Funerals

Burke’s Funeral Directors have extensive experience organising humanist funerals and civil funerals for non-religious funerals. Our funeral directors discuss options to go about celebrating the life of the non-religious deceased.

Funeral Music

Depending on the preference of the family, Burke’s Funeral Directors can organise organists, singers or harpists. We have a list of traditional church music that the family can select or we can select appropriate hymns on the family’s behalf.

Funeral Condolence Book

We make sure that a funeral condolence book is available for the duration of the funeral service. 

Pre-Pay Funerals

Burke’s Funeral Directors offers pre-pay funeral options that allows a person to pre-pay for their funeral over a couple of months or years. This service helps to lessen the financial burden on a family following a bereavement.

Grave Maintenance

 We at Burke Funeral Directors can arrange a full grave maintenance service on behalf of a family, including headstone, additional names, cleaning and replacing chippings and implementing all necessary  replairs.  

Funeral Flowers

 Burke’s Funeral Directors can assist with the funeral flowers. We can assist with the arranging of funeral flowers, bouquets, wreaths, etc.


We can offer a full Repatriation service that includes meeting the remains at all Airports.  


Burke’s Funeral Directors can organise cremations on behalf of the client. We liaison with the crematorium and organise all aspects of the cremation

Funeral Home

We can offer you the option of a funeral home at the Chapel of Rest, Church Lane, Carrick-on-Shannon

Frequently Asked Questions
  • What type of funeral service should we have?

    Our funeral directors work directly with the family, helping them select an appropriate funeral for their deceased loved one.

  • How much do funeral services cost?

    The total cost of a funeral is directly related to the choices made by the person organising the funeral. We assist clients in creating a funeral that honours the wishes of the deceased while being as financially responsible as possible.